Best Fine Dine Restaurant In Jaipur – Thikana, Vaishali Nagar

Best Fine Dine Restaurant In Jaipur – Thikana, Vaishali Nagar

For any tourist or visitor person, one question always comes in there mind that’s “which is the best place to eat in Jaipur?“. Lots off Indian & foreigner travelers love to eat a place which should be neat & clean, tasty food with beautiful ambiance which represent Rajasthani tradition.

These all needs comes to an end on a very popular place called “Thikana Restaurant“. As it’s name reflects to  “Thiakanedar” – which means royal people who had ruled & taken care of the state “Rajasthan“. It’s another mean for youth is to called up that in routine life that’s “chalo thikaney pe milte hai“. which means they can seat all together a place & share routine life experience.

As an owner of Thikana Restaurant, these both of things comes in our mind that we must create a place which can entertain every generation either grand paa or youngsters. That’s why we created Fine – Dine, Open Balcony Seating, Disc & Club And Machaan – For Panoramic view of Jaipur.  So It’s the only place in Jaipur which really gives you an options to enjoy there moments in every area of Thikana as per their choice.

Fine – Dine :- This area comes first for visitors for welcome you and help you to settle down into the right place. This fine dine having complete Rajasthani style touch which represents Rajasthan’s architectural, furniture & shekhawati fresco design along with a royal door. Most of sofa seating are created with beautiful art worked on furniture with white color. The entire theme based on orange colored (Kesariya) which represent into the flag of Rajputana. Usually this word “Kesariya” comes into welcome songs of Rajasthan “Keasariya Balam Aaoni, Padharo Mahare Desh“.

On the other side of FIne Dine you can see hand painting of  tree,where we put Turbans of different homestead which represent the early era of Rajasthan. Here you can get most popular “Rajasthani Thali” – which is combination of different dishes called ker, sangri, dal, churma, bati, gutta, pickle, mix veg, bajre ki roti, chach. So it gives you taste of Rajasthan. You Can experience unique Rajasthani dishes made in desi ghee (clarified butter) and with love & perfection. Apart from it there are many other Indian cuisines which you can order and experience it with royal dine & ambiance.

Machaan (Open Rooftop) :- I must say this the best area of Thikana after fine – dine. Actually it offers you to seat under the open sky and best time to be there is evening. you can hear pleasant music without any city noise & also get the experience of terrace garden.

This place is perfect for candle light dinner & couples specially where they can celebrate their life memorable days.

Disc & Club  :- As i shared my view in staring of para, that we must taken care of youngsters needs too. so we develop “Disc & Club”, where they can dance on DJ beats & enjoy mock-tails on every beat. This place will pamper you to seat out from your seat and start dance on hard beats.

This area of Thikana is best option for youth & families which wants to enjoy there parties.

Open Balcony  :- This place is convenient for parties or group which love to seat under open sky. Here also you can enjoy instrumentals at the time of your dine & can do gossips in a group. Perfect place to seat after rain & during winters.

So This is all about Thikana, we always warm welcome to all of you to give royal hospitality with mouthwatering tasty foods.

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