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Batadu located in the interiors of Barmer, Batadu is a quiet village with an innocent flavour of the rural life. The mud houses in Batadu village are decorated with beautiful riral paintings and motifs. A visit to Batadu village gives an insight into the desert life and is a showcase of the decorative skills of the simple village folk.

What to look around for?

Batadu is located in the Marwar region of Rajasthan and is a simple village that offers a glimpse into the humble life of its warm-hearted people. Life in the desert land of Batadu is quite different from other rural habitats, as the climate offerings determine the lifestyle of people. Experience the simplistic beauty of rural life in this small village of Batadu with gleaning sand and the unexpected wilderness in the vicinity. The villages are mostly engaged in cattle rearing and some are blacksmiths or weavers.

What no to miss?

Batadu is famous for the well that was constructed years ago by Thakur Gulab Singh to provide the dwellers of the region with drinking water. There is water storage tank adjoining the well, made with white marble and has a large statue of Garuda, the mythological bird from the epic of Ramayana. There is also a water tub attached to the water tank to provide drinking water for animals and cattle. The water tank wall has been adorned with various sculptures of different characters from Ramayana.

Where to Stay?

Comfortable accommodation options with good amenities are available in the nearby cities.

How can I get there?

Batadu village is well-connected with Barmer, the district headquarter through road.

How far is the closest city (with accommodation facility)?  

  • Baitu – 10 Km
  • Balotra – 35 Km
  • Barmer – 160 Km
  • Jodhpur (nearest airport) – 160 Km

For booking tour of Batadu contact Rajasthan Tour Advisor (+91 8003300900/ 9468598923,


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